Hiring a magician? Read this first!

Most people have never hired a magician for an event before, which is fair enough as it's not something you have to do every day! Well, unless you are an entertainment agent or an event planner.

How do you find a great magician?

If you seen a really good table magician working at an event you might have kept their business card or it might be that a friend saw a magician and passed their name to you.

Many people look online to find a magician for their event. If you are researching the internet you will find that are hundreds of people advertising as close-up magicians and table magicians so how do you find the one that is most suitable for your event?

- Make sure they are a professional performer specialising in close up magic. Many magicians work part time or do a variety of different types of performing in order to make a living - everything from kids shows to close up and table magic. A full time close up magician is much more likely bet as anyone who can pay their mortgage from that alone must be successful and in demand.
- Have a look through the magicians website and read their client comments and check out the pictures and video of them performing.
- If you are getting quotes from a few people you will notice that some people reply to your emails and voice messages quickly. This is a good indication that they are a professional person and are going to be good to deal with.

Prices for magicians

Prices and costs vary quite a lot from magician to magician. The price is usually based on the magician's experience and how busy they are. Each magician is likely to have a fee scale depending on a few different factors - how far he has to travel to your event and whether or not the booking would be a private one (wedding, party) or a corporate event. This is why 99% of the time you won't see a price list on the site.

Once you have made the booking

It is worth phoning or emailing the magician a few weeks before the event to finalise details and to check that he has all the details he needs for the event. Let him have a mobile number for you on the day in case of any emergencies.

Good luck with your event!