Thoughts on Wedding Magic

Most of the year, but particularly in June and July I work as a magician at a large number of wedding receptions. Speaking to staff at hotels though a wedding magician is still a comparatively rare thing to see. It doesn’t seem like that to me as I have sometimes worked at three or four weddings over a weekend! I recently updated the wedding magician page on this site to go into a bit more detail about the different times of day I am able to do my thing. I thought I would write this to address some of the questions I get asked when people contact me.

When Should you Book a Magician for Your Wedding?
A wedding videographer friend of mine said that he often takes bookings two years in advance but I have not generally found that to be the case. If you are getting married on a Saturday then I would generally suggest booking the magician about a year ahead of time to guarantee availability. As a rule though about 75% of the wedding bookings that I take come two-six months in advance. Even if you are booking at very short notice it is worth checking with me. If I am not free I can always recommend another magician who would do a great job (not as great as me though, obviously!)

Wedding Magician Prices
Rather than putting prices on this website, I prefer to quote individually for each wedding. A wedding where there are only ten guests is going to be priced differently than one with three hundred where I need to work a lot longer to get round everyone. Similarly although I cover quite a large area of the UK geographically, I will often alter my costs slightly if a wedding is very local to my home. The best way to get an accurate price quickly is to fill out the contact form with the details of your wedding and I will respond pretty fast (always within 24 hours, usually quicker). Don’t worry though…I never chase enquiries up or try and hard sell people into booking! Nothing worse than a pushy magician….

Best Times for a Magician
I go into this quite a bit on my magician wedding page. Some things to think about if you are hiring a magician though: Sometimes I will get asked to work in the cross over period between the day and evening reception. This can be OK but I have been to a few weddings where I think it didn’t work that well. If all your guests are staying at the hotel then you may find that they use this time to nip back to their room to get changed, the smokers will go outside, guests will wander around a bit. This means that everything is a bit disjointed and the close up magic may lose a bit of impact. I always suggest magic early on in the day (during drinks reception or wedding breakfast) or during the evening reception when there is more of a party atmosphere.

Dodgy Magicians
If you look online there are loads of magicians all advertising as wedding entertainers. Some are good, some are not so good. The unfortunate truth is that it is quite easy to set up a website so, like any industry, there are a few chancers out there.
My advice is to take the time to look at the photos or videos of them working, read through their references and speak to them on the phone if you can. This applies when booking any sort of wedding entertainment.

Wedding Reception Ideas
Finally, there are probably plenty of wedding websites and magazines out there offering advice about non traditional ideas for a wedding reception. Having been booked as a table magician at countless weddings I thought I would offer a few thoughts from my perspective…
- Speeches before the meal. This lets everyone on the top table relax and enjoy the food without having to worry. I think this always works really well but I don’t see it too much.
- The top table. It is traditional for this to be a long rectangular table while the others are circular. If the top table is also a circular one it can make things feel a bit more relaxed and informal.
- Evening reception. If you are planning on having a magician during the evening reception of your wedding then avoid their times clashing with a band or DJ (unless you have the use of more than one room). Close up and table magic relies on interaction so if people can’t hear what’s going on over the sounds of YMCA then the impact is lost a bit.