Road trip

I noticed my magician friend Alan has started a blog and for the time being until the novelty wears off, his is a bit more entertaining than mine. So, I think I need to up my game and spice up my posts a bit to compete. The last few days I have been on the road from Knutsford to Burton on Trent to Coventry and then finally later on today, Bristol. Now, if that’s not sexy I don’t know what is. It’s been a busy weekend of bookings. Three weddings and a private party (almost a film title in there). Last night was a small house party which are always a bit different as I am usually in big hotels or marquees. At the end of the night everyone was ushered into the front room and I did about 10 minutes for the whole group. I have a new(ish) mindreading trick with some dice which I have been doing at close-up bookings but am trying to make it “play bigger” – which is an industry term for, err, more people being able to watch at one time. If you have a hundred people watching you it magnifies the trick a bit so it needs to be slicker and funnier. Also the bigger the group the more rewarding it can be as a performer. Having a massive laugh from a joke or a huge gasp when you do something magic is quite rewarding, rather than a slightly perplexed raise of the eyebrow and a reluctant admission that “that was actually not that bad” from one bloke in the corner at a wedding.

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Table magic at a wedding

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Rob James has been a table magician for hire for 14 years. As a member of The Magic Circle and a full time magician, you can guarantee that everyone will love his up close magic. Rob does not just do card tricks but fun, interactive and astonishing magic!

Have you ever hired a magician before? The process can be a bit daunting as there are lots of close up magicians advertising online. Rob promises to offer a friendly informal chat about your requirements, whether you be planning a wedding, need a magician for a party or a corporate event, he is happy to advise on the best way to utilise his performance.