Three countries, three days

So I am back from Edinburgh now and have returned to the world of magic bookings. Edinburgh was good fun as usual. Other shows we saw included Richard Herring, the Insect Circus in the Spiegel Garden, the late night show Spank (this was perhaps the worst show I have ever seen at the Fringe). Didn’t see any more magic shows but in the last couple of days we met up with the Newcastle magician Don Moses and also Kevin McMahon who lives in Edinburgh. Both good close-up magicians.

On Saturday I travelled to Cardiff for a batmitzvah. Quite a long trip but it had been in the diary for ages and I had booked the Edinburgh trip around it. I have to be honest, often the younger people at barmitzvahs and batmitvahs can be pretty hard work but yesterday went very well, everyone there was great. It was held at St. David’s Hotel and Spa in Cardiff Bay which reminds me…. I went there a few years ago for a wedding. At the end of last year I bumped into the same groom at a Christmas party and asked him how married life was going – he told me he had got divorced!!

Last night was a Harry Potter themed event and on some of the tables they had left simple magic tricks for people to do. One of the things was a plastic finger chopper where one puts one’s finger through a hole in what looks like a miniature french guillotine and apparently a little blade goes through it. Quite funny as some of my magician peers unbelievably use these things in their professional acts although theirs are made of wood rather than plastic and they claim they are much better than the plastic ones. They aren’t. My guarantee to you, the booking public, is that my act contains no joke-shop easy-to-work-out tat.
Today I am back in sunny England for a wedding in Cheshire this afternoon before heading home for a couple of days off.

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Rob James has been a table magician for hire for 14 years. As a member of The Magic Circle and a full time magician, you can guarantee that everyone will love his up close magic. Rob does not just do card tricks but fun, interactive and astonishing magic!

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