Amazing Magic show for a small group

If you have fewer than 20 guests attending your event, you might want to consider the option of having a close-up magic and mind reading show. This means that everyone will gather round (or, stay at the table they are seated at) and watch a performance together from beginning to end.

Lasting from 40-50 minutes, the show that Rob performs is fun and interactive. There are only two or three card tricks in the whole show (and they are AMAZING card tricks!) and everything else is completely different. From bending metal and mind reading to making money appear from nowhere... there is enough to have even the most hardened cynics scratching ther heads for days to come!

Rob James is the current International Brotherhood of Magicians first prize winner for Close up Magic 2015-2016 so you and your guests will have the pleasure of being entertained by one of the best exponents of the art in the UK today.