Stroud Magician

Q. Do you perform in Stroud?
A. Yes, I have been performing as a close up magician covering Stroud for my whole career! One of my first ever events was performing as the table magician at the Egypt Mill hotel (Nailsworth, near Stroud)
Q. Do you prefer performing table magic or close-up magic?
A. They are essentially the same thing. Table magic tends to be the term when the magician moves from table to table during a banquet situation. Close up magic encompasses all forms of magic on small scale.
Q. Would you be able to be our wedding magician?
A. Yes! Weddings are my very favourite types of bookings to perform as a magician. Lots of fun, everyone in a great mood.
Q. Where have you performed in Stroud?
A. Everywhere from house parties to venues such as "The Hill" and The Bear of Rodborough Hotel. I live locally and am the best known magician for hire in the area.

Amazing magic in Stroud area

"Dear Mr James. My sincere thanks after Friday's performance. Everyone from ages for 8 to 88 loved what you did. From the bending coins to the moving cards (I admit that I am still very much scratching my head over that one). Some guests remarked that they had seen some table magic before but that you are clearly very much at the top of the tree. I hope you got home safely in the snow." - Dr Mark Philips, Stroud UK.